THTouch is played using finger gestures. Upon placing your fingertip on the screen and within the marked area as seen in the picture below a control element will pop up, which I'll call the wheel.
To select an action you'll have to drag your finger into the appropriate direction. To trigger it, just move your finger far enough from the center of the wheel to until a big "OK" symbol appears in the center. Now you can lift your finger and whatever you chose will be done next.

While this swiping is used for almost all tasks, like to bet, to call, to raise, to fold, to confirm a bid or cancel it etc. you'll have to quickly double tap the screen anywhere if you want to check.

You may wonder what happens if you place your finger outside of the marked area and drag into some direction. Well, it does exactly the same things for the same directions, only not showing the wheel, because it would be too close to the border of the screen to select all of the actions.

Note: After you played a while you will soon have memorized all the directions of each action and if you just do a quick swipe in the desired direction, you won't even see the wheel popup and still get you command executed. For example: Just swipe to the right quickly and you call the highest bet. Then you also don't have to swipe that far and really only the direction matters, not the length of your swipe, unlike when the wheel is visible, then its necessary to have the OK label show up.

empty table

Begin the first round

For the very first round you'll have to kick start the game by using the wheel to deal the first hand. In case auto-dealing is enabled you don't have to do this for the following hands, unless you stop the countdown for redealing (to have a longer look at the winning situation or whatever). If auto-dealing is disabled, then you'll have to start each new hand by swiping to the left like this.

dealdeal 2

Now the cards will be dealt and the players begin acting immediately until its your turn and you're left with some options of what to do.
In this particular case you're reminded that you'll have to call 10 chips in order to stay in the game. But you may, of course, also raise or fold.

call 10 chips?

The other situation that can happen to you as the player is that you may also check. This is indicated by the text Option... below your cards.
To check you simply double tap anywhere on the screen, just like you would do on a real poker table. Don't tap too slow, though.
A successful double tap will result in passing the turn to the next player (or, if you happen to be at the big blind position it maybe the end of the preflop round). In both cases a huge font text will popup quickly and fade out again confirming, that you checked. (Some similiar animation will also appear to confirm that you called a bet)


Bet or Raise

If you decide to place a bet or raise one you'll have to use the wheel and move your finger upwards to select that action. (Remember, you can also do this with a quick upward flick of your finger without waiting for the wheel to appear, or in case you disabled it completely in the preferences, the direction remains the same)


The Bet/Raise dialog

Now that you performed this move, the game will present you a set of differently colored and valued chips next to a pile of chips and a number which tells you how much you are going to bet if you confirm the bet you set up.

Note: The minimum bet (or raise) will always automatically be made for you and you can't go below it.

bet dialog

Another Note: In the top left corner of the screen you'll always see the pot size. The top row tells you how much has been bet during previous rounds in this hand and the lower row shows the sum of the bets in the current betting round. Both together are the total pot, you may consider this when calculating your pot odds.

Change your bet

There are two ways to manipulate the amount of chips you're going to bet. You can either tap on the chips and it will raise the stack of this chips value by one chip. So, if you want to raise the amount (starting from the minimum bet/raise) by 100, then you would simply tap the 100 chip once.
But to make things quick and easy you don't have to tap your screen like crazy to set up high bets, you may just tap and drag these chips upwards or down again. The maximum height of each of the stacks of chips you can build is 20 chips. I you reach this height, it will gain a yellow glow around itself.
Now, maybe you want to bet 5000 chips, but a quick calculation tells you, that with 20 chips maximum stack height you won't be able to reach 5000 at all. Thats why you can move "full" stacks around, and if you do so and drop them on the pile of chips on the right hand side, then the value of this stack will be kept but its size reset to zero, so you can build up more stacks and eventually reach 5000 chips. (which would be two stacks of 100-chips moved to the pile of chips, and another half stack of 100-chips)

bet some chips

stack is full

Confirm, Reset or Cancel your bet

Usually you'll be quite sure that you want to place or raise a bet and after you set up the desired amount you need to tell the game to take this bet. Since a lot of the area is taken up by the chip stacks right now, you can't call the wheel from over there, as it would affect only your chip stacks and change the amount of chips you so carefully selected. You may still use all of the surrounding area including the pile of chips on the right hand side to bring up the wheel or select an action without the help of the wheel. My recommendation is to tap on the chip pile and swipe upwards to confirm your bet.

But what if you opened up the bet dialog by mistake and didn't want to raise the bet or bet chips at all, but rather call or check?
Well, just swipe down to close this bet dialog again and from there on just do whatever you actually wanted to do (or open up the bet dialog again, if you redecide).
If you have already raised the amount of chips above the minimum then the swipe downwards will reset the bet to the minimum, and only then you can close the bet dialog with another swipe down. So, if you want to reset the amount, maybe because you dropped some stacks to the chip pile already, and only then realized, that you actually don't want to raise that much but still a little bit, then use the reset action for this.


Sometimes, when your chip count drops low but you want to risk it all, or an opponent goes all in and you want to keep up with him you'll have to go all-in yourself.
If calling a bet or raising it or both would require you to go all-in, then the actions on the wheel that would normally be "Call" or "Raise", will change into "All-In" accordingly. If you select All-In from the wheel (or when playing without the wheel, if you swipe to the corresponding direction) the game will first ask for your confirmation in BIG RED letters. Do you really want to do this? Go ALL-IN? If so, then you can confirm it by swiping up or right. But if you realize, that you don't really want this then you can cancel this by swiping down or left.

At another time it might be you, that wants to go All-In first. But instead of going to the bet dialog and raising the bet until the very last chip you own, you can just leave the bet dialog closed, and do a multi-touch gesture: Swipe upwards with two fingers at the same time. This will not show any wheel, but will, of course, ask for confirmation just the same. If you do any other 2-fingered gesture, nothing will happen.

wheel all in go all in?

A hand ends - New hand to begin in 2 ... 1 ... 0

When the last betting round is over, the game will show the cards of the remaining players and highlight the winning hand while fading out the losing cards.
Right below the community cards there are three lines of a game log, which keeps track of game messages, like who showed what hand and who won how many chips etc. At the moment this log doesn't show all too many messages, but in an upcoming update you'll be able to select the degree of verbosity of this log and also be able to scroll back through these messages to review the history of your game (to learn from it, for example). Please, be aware, that these messages will stay there throughout the game and only be replaced by new messages. (I've heard complaints, that they may be irritating at times, and I'll try to work this issue out with the upcoming version)

Note: A countdown timer will show up in the lower left corner after the winners have been announced and the chips distributed among them. Its currently a fixed 2 second timer and upon running out of time it will collect all cards, shuffle and redeal them to begin the next hand. This is, of course, not the case if auto-dealing is disabled, then you have to swipe to the left to manually start the next hand.
You can stop this timer by tapping on it before it runs out. You can also override it and redeal earlier by swiping to the left. (In a future version, the length of this timeout will probably be configurable by you)

count down

Opponents lose

Whenever a player other than yourself loses all their chips they will have to leave the table. They will be marked as "Out" with a symbol on their seats and their chip counts will be replaced by their placing.

player out

Blinds growth

Currently, the game has a fixed mode of blind growth, which is just doubling the blinds after each 8 hands but never over 10 percent of all circulating chips. Whenever the blinds change, the game wll tell you about it in a bright blue color in the games log in the middle of the screen.

new blinds

Your hand strength - I want to "cheat" :D

To get a rough idea of how your hand is competing with possible opponent hands, just tap (and hold) the text below your cards when its your turn. It will change its color to reflect the probability to win with your pocket cards or at least get a draw with them. Obviously dark red means really bad chances while glowing green is a good sign. But please remember, that this is just a mere hint and in no means guarantees you any safety. After all, Poker is not just about calculating probabilities. So don't deceive yourself by relying on that hint too much.

odds hint

You lost the game

Sooner or later you will probably lose all your chips (if its not your day, or something) and the game ends by showing you an empty chip rack and your finishing position. After a timeout of some seconds you'll see the table again and another few seconds later, you'll be sent to the main menu.
In case you play good enough to end up on places 3 to 1 you'll be presented with some medal like poker chip variants to honour your playing strength. Make a screenshot while you can! ;)

you lost

About that cogwheel

In the lower right corner you can tap on the cogwheel to bring up a little ingame menu.
The lower button shows you the order of winning hands from "Highest card" up to "Royal Flush", just in case you're new to the game or happen to just have forgotten it.
The middle button tells you about this very gameplay guide and can send you right to it if you want to. (In a future version, I'll include an abbreviated guide right into the game and refer to this guide as a more complete reference)
The button on top will temporarily leave the game and send you to the main menu, where you can either start a new game (which will always, if a game is in progress, ask for confirmation to delete that progress), resume the game you just left from, or enter the games preference screen.

Note: To close this ingame menu, just tap the cogwheel again.

ingame menu

The game preferences

Here you can enter your player name, setup the amount of chips to start the game with, turn sounds on/off, enable or disable automatic redealing, show or hide the control wheel.
You may also change the amount of players between 2 and 10 players. The game comes with two themes, the green of which is the default and can be replaced by a darker one with blue card deck images and a darker table.

And the game screen can also be rotated by 180 degrees if you so want. (I've realized only after the first release, that rotating the game screen doesn't also rotate the keyboard which shows up when entering your player name or chip amount, please forgive me, I'm going to fix this in the next version)

game setup
new game